Republican Intentions.

 Article: "How far will Republicans go to destroy democracy? And can they still be stopped" --Salon

In  simple terms today's GOP hates America and it's democracy. The GOP knows that in a democratic republic as envisioned by our founding fathers, their hold on power is at risk in every election.  Trump discovered that on November 3rd 2020.

The GOP does not and has not worked for the American people for 40 years. Their loyalty is to their donor class that funds their elections to keep them in power. When the people out vote the indoctrinated flocks, their donor class looses it's hold on our policies.

The "ideal" government for the ultra-wealthy donor class is more in line with the Russian style oligarchy where the wealthy few have near total control over all aspects of governing the nation. They do that by seizing control of the dominating political apparatus, in their case the GOP. When you control Congress you control every policy that has an impact on their ability to amass more and more wealth.

Let's clear up one misconception right now. The stock market does not reflect our economy. 50% of all stocks are owned by just 1% of our citizens. The top 1% earn 30 times as much as the average middle class family as of 2016. I bring this income inequality up now because it is often a talking point of the GOP that were the richest nation on earth and we have a "great economy" and they point, not to the wages we all earn but to the stock market.

Yes "America" has great wealth and power but that only benefits a very small percentage of our citizens. The goal of the GOP is to convince you otherwise even as their actions continue to degrade your futures. I cannot recall any tax plan put forth by the right that put working class Americans ahead of those who exploit those working Americans for profit.  The most recent tax scam provided 87% of it's benefits to corporations and their rich owners. It took away from the middle class to enrich the rich.

Because their political power is entirely dependent upon staying in office their primary objective is to subvert the votes of anyone who's intelligence or interests are at risk when they are placed in positions of authority.

These are the goals of voter suppression. Stay in power to represent the wealth donor class.

  • Prevent anyone they know won't vote for them from voting.
  • brainwash others to believing their lies.

 These are not honorable motives and are not in the best interest of the vast majority of the people the swore an oath to represent to the best of their ability. These are seditious motives in pursuit of greed and power.