Co-Sponsors of Insurrection

Who tops the list as the worst offenders in the GOP plot to end democracy? CLICK

Rebellion or insurrection 18 U.S.C ยง2383. Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and  shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Thank the 7 GOP senators who had the courage to stand up for America and respect their oaths of office to put Constitution before party and power.


  1. Richard Burr R-NC  @SenatorBurr
  2. Bill Cassidy R-LA   @BillCassidy
  3. Susan Collins R-ME  @SenSusanCollins
  4. Lisa Murkowski R-AK  @lisamurkowski
  5. Mitt Romney UT  @MittRomney
  6. Ben Sasse R-NE  @SenSasse
  7. Patrick Toomey R-PA   @SenToomey

Sedition 43

These GOP senators voted to condone the violent over throw of our democracy by their owner, D. Trump.

  1. John Barrasso, (Q) Wyoming
  2. Marsha Blackburn, (Q) Tennessee
  3. Roy Blunt, (Q) Missouri
  4. John Boozman, (Q) Arkansas
  5. Mike Braun, (Q) Indiana
  6. Shelley Capito, (Q) West Virginia
  7. John Cornyn, (Q) Texas
  8. Tom Cotton, (Q) Arkansas
  9. Kevin Cramer, (Q) North Dakota
  10. Mike Crapo, (Q) Idaho
  11. Ted Cruz, (Q) Texas
  12. Steve Daines (Q) Montana
  13. Joni Ernst, (Q) Iowa
  14. Deb Fischer, (Q) Nebraska
  15. Lindsey "LadyG" Graham, (Q) South Carolina
  16. Charles Grassley, (Q) Iowa
  17. Bill Hagerty, (Q) Tennessee
  18. Josh Hawley, (Q) Missouri
  19. John Hoeven, (Q) North Dakota
  20. Cindy Hyde-Smith, (Q) Mississippi
  21. Jim Inhofe, (Q) Oklahoma
  22. Ron Johnson, (Q) Wisconsin
  23. John Kennedy, (Q) Louisiana
  24. James Lankford, (Q) Oklahoma
  25. Mike Lee, (Q) Utah
  26. Cynthia Lummis, (Q) Wyoming
  27. Roger Marshall, (Q) Kansas
  28. Mitch McConnell, (Q) Kentucky
  29. Jerry Moran, (Q) Kansas
  30. Rand Paul, (Q) Kentucky
  31. Rob Portman, (Q) Ohio
  32. James Risch, (Q) Idaho
  33. Mike Rounds (Q) South Dakota
  34. Marco Rubio, (Q) Florida
  35. Rick Scott, (Q) Florida
  36. Tim Scott, (Q) South Carolina
  37. Richard Shelby, (Q) Alabama
  38. Dan Sullivan, (Q) Alaska
  39. John Thune, (Q) South Dakota
  40. Thomas Tillis, (Q) North Carolina
  41. Tommy Tuberville, (Q) Alabama
  42. Roger Wicker, (Q) Mississippi
  43. Todd Young, (Q) Indiana



These Senators, even after the Trump insurrection attempt still tried to keep him in power.

Sen. Ted Cruz, (Q-Texas)  *
Sen. Josh Hawley, (Q-Missouri )* WORST !
Sen. Mike Braun,(Q- Indiana)
Sen. John Kennedy, (Q-Louisiana)
Sen. Ron Johnson, (Q-Wisconsin)
Sen. Steve Daines,(Q- Montana)
Sen. James Lankford, (Q-Oklahoma)
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, (Q-Tennessee)
Sen. Bill Haggerty, (Q-Tennessee)

* These first two are considered the insider ring leaders of the attempt to overthrow democracy.

GOP House Members who continued to support insurrection.

Rep. Paul Gosar, (Q-Arizona)
Rep. Randy Weber, (Q-Oklahoma)
Rep. Mo Brooks, (Q-Alabama)
Rep. Andy Biggs, (Q-Arizona)
Rep. Jim Jordan, (Q-Ohio)
Rep. Madison Cawthorn, (Q-North Carolina)
Rep. Scott Perry, (Q-Pennsylvania)
Rep. Mike Kelly, (Q-Pennsylvania)
Rep. Burgess Owens, (Q-Utah)
Rep. John Rose, (Q-Tennessee)
Rep. Bill Posey, (Q-Florida)
Rep. Jeff Duncan, (Q-South Carolina)
Rep. Brain Babin, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Louie Gohmert, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Brian Mast, (Q-Florida)
Rep. Warren Davidson, (Q-Ohio)
Rep. Andy Harris, (Q-Maryland)
Rep. Steven Palazzo, (Q-Mississippi)
Rep. Doug Lamborn, (Q-Colorado)
Rep. Kat Cammack, (Q-Florida)
Rep. Tracey Mann, (Q-Kansas)
Rep. Bob Good, (Q-Virginia)
Rep. Adrian Smith, (Q-Nebraska)
Rep. Billy Long, (Q-Missouri)
Rep. Jack Bergman, (Q-Michigan)
Rep. Michael Cloud, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Rick Crawford, (Q-Arkansas)
Rep. Roger Williams, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Bob Gibbs, (Q-Ohio)
Rep. Russ Fulcher, (Q-Idaho)
Rep. Ted Budd, (Q-North Carolina)
Rep. Barry Moore, (Q-Alabama)
Rep. Lee Zeldin, (Q-New York)
Rep. Jake LaTurner, (Q-Kansas)
Rep. David Rouzer, (Q-North Carolina)
Rep. Jason Smith, (Q-Missouri)
Rep. Lauren Boebert, (Q-Colorado)
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, (Q-Tennessee)
Rep. Tim Burchett, (Q-Tennessee)
Rep. Chris Jacobs, (Q-New York)
Rep. Andrew Clyde, (Q-Georgia)
Rep. Lance Gooden, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Diana Harshbarger, (Q-Tennessee)
Rep. Mary Miller, (Q-Illinois)
Rep. Mark Green, (Q-Tennessee)
Rep. Ron Estes, (Q-Kansas)
Rep. Neal Dunn, (Q-Florida)
Rep. Ronny Jackson, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Ralph Norman, (Q-South Carolina)
Rep. Brian Babin, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Joe Wilson, (Q-South Carolina)
Rep. Vicky Hartzler, (Q-Missouri)
Rep. Scott Des Jarlais, (Q-Tennessee)
Rep. Marjorie Taylor (Q-Greene, Georgia)
Rep. Doug LaMalfa, (Q-California)
Rep. Ben Cline, (Q-Virginia)
Rep. Michael Rogers, (Q-Alabama)
Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (Q-Oklahoma)
Rep. Pat Fallon, (Q-Texas)
Rep. Jeff Duncan, (Q-South Carolina)