Pieces of a Puzzle

The old saying "You can't see the forest for the trees" is pretty apt now...only inverted.

When you stand back and look from afar from the political war raging one could be excused if they don't notice the trees. You see the forest...or rather the forest fire raging. But what you see is the bright glare as an observer. Often you don't perceive the individual "trees" bursting into flame.

I am going to try to list some individual puzzle pieces for you to assemble. 

2015, 2016 US Intelligence is alerted and confirms that Russian operatives are attempting to assist in the election of Donald Trump and the damaging of his opponent Hillary Clinton. ( This is a federal crime )

Republican Senate Committee. "Trump's Russian ties pose serious threat" Yet not one Republican appears to have criticized Trump about this?

GOP party of Putin?

Paul Manafort, a long time association with Russia, is providing internal Trump campaign polling data to Russian agents. (Why? to help them target vulnerable voters in swing states of course)

Russia hacks DNC and RNC and releases only information damaging to Trump's opponents. We can be very certain Putin also has RNC dirt but his plans for that are to use it is compromat to control our administration if Trump is elected.

"Russia if your listening" Hack for me.

NRA is identified by Republican Senate as a foreign asset to Russia. (Russian nationals Maria Butina [convicted] and Alexander Torshin even though the two had declared their ties to the Kremlin.)

NRA used it's Russian connections to provide access to GOP members of congress for profit. Spending record amounts to elect Trump 2016 and 2020.

NRA overwhelmingly supports GOP not Democratic candidates. Candidates pledge loyalty to NRA

Mueller Report notes at least 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Trump and his administration which would each be a federal crime.

Secret Trump Tower Meeting with Russian agents. “If you’re associated wth the campaign and trying to get aid from Russians, you’re likely committing a crime,” said Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor"

This one is broad and really deserves an entire article by itself (later maybe?)  Unwavering loyalty by GOP to Trump over democracy and their oaths of office. How and why did Republicans abdicate their loyalty to America in favor of Trump's personal demands for loyalty to him?

Trump obsession with a border wall that was easily scaled by an 8 year old girl! "Mexico will pay for it" was his battle cry to his racist fearful mob, but instead he started steeling private land from American citizens on border and taking money illegally from military families for a wall that was never built.

Add to that Trump's kidnapping of young children at the border. Not just inhumane but clear evidence of his racism and hatred for anyone "not like him". total lack of empathy for others.

“You don’t tell a bona-fide rock climber something’s impossible to climb,”

Russian Subservience.

  • Trump appears to worship V. Putin. He takes his word over our own military and intelligence experts. (Helsinki,Fox News says: Putin eats Trump's lunchAdvantage Putin.
  • Trump lies to America about ongoing business deals in Moscow. Advantage Putin.
  • Trump ignores bounties on US Troops offered by Russia. Advantage Putin.
  • Trump abandons our Kurdish allies to Erdogan's slaughter. Advantage Putin.
  • Trump leaves "Open Skies" treaty, dismantles our capabilities. Advantage Putin..
  • Trump demands Russia be let back into G7 yet still will not criticize Putin for annexation of Crimea. Advantage Putin.
  • Trump with help from McConnell removes sanctions on Russians who were known to interfere in our elections. Advantage Putin.
  • Trump confiscates and tears up translator notes of his private meetings with Putin. (Violation of Federal Records act. What was said that required destruction of notes?) Advantage Putin?
  • Oh there are MORE! Advantage Putin.

RACISM: Trump refusal to denounce Racism or White Nationalism. ( His Father was KKK by all accounts and their family has a legally tarnished history of racial discrimination in housing as does Kushner )

In a discrimination law suit his building manager stated; "Well, I'm only doing what my boss [Trump] told me to do — I am not allowed to rent to black tenants."

Mitch McConnel (R-KY) Senate Majority Leader. aka. #MoscowMitch for some good reason.  Part of the goal of Russia toward other nations is to gain political leverage inside adversaries borders. One means to accomplish this is though employment in easily manipulated parts of our nation. Kentucky is a prime target for several reason. It is one of the poorest states with high unemployment and low average education. By building a large manufacturing base (Rusalk) the management could exert overt and covert influence over workers/voters to support their political agenda. McConnell is part of their agenda. Oleg Daripaska with his aluminum plant could provide that asset to Russia inside US borders. But Darispaska had been sanctioned for meddling in US elections and legally could not do business in US...untill McConnell made sure even over bipartisan objections, to make sure those sanctions would vanish, allowing his project to proceed.  A number of Russian oligarchs ( who owe loyalty to Putin ) began to proposition other states with promises of industry/jobs with the goal of expanding Putin's influence into the American economy and it's workers.

Constant attacks on main stream media. "Fake News" is only part of the assault. Add into the equation the GOP Propaganda arm of Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, Britebart and others, the right is mounting an all out attack on truth, facts and science.Direct personal attacks and name-calling by Trump and GOP directed at honest journalists is common.

US Administration is being infected with incompetent unqualified leadership who censor and subvert those with actual expertise.

Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution prohibits the president from taking money from any other source except his salary. Let me count the ways he violates this.

Golf outings at his resorts. Aside from the huge cost of transportation and security that attends his trips, he requires his Secret Service to RENT rooms at his resorts and RENT golf carts from his golf courses to follow him around. All of this directly puts money into his pockets. By this May 25, the president had visited a Trump golf course 266 times! ( put aside for now how many times Trump criticized Obama for playing golf ) Estimated cost to taxpayers for his hobby? $141,450,266.  Operation of Air Force One costs $165,000 per hour.

Trump diverts military aircraft to refuel at small airport that serves his Scottish golf resort. $11 Million taxpayer dollars spent. The US military has stopped at Prestwick Airport 629 times since October 2017. Personnel could not afford the cost of meals at his resort, 20 miles from airport. Why were they not comped by Trump?

Trump Hotel. Located in Washington DC on leased federal property ( Old Post Office Building ) is the new favorite place for foreign and domestic corporations and dignitaries seeking favor from the Trump administration, put millions into Trumps personal bank account. He reported earning in 2018, $40.8 million from this property.

Unsuccessful bid to require hosting G7 summit at his financially struggling Doral Florida resort, forcing other nations to also put money in his personal bank account for an official government function.

Chinese bank account. Trump's business has a decades long foot hold in China. Trump paid $750 dollars in US Taxes, he paid the Communist Chinese Government over $188,000.  Fox News Report.

GOP became party of Putin?

Republicans take money from Russians in 2016 ( 2020?) elections.

Trump appointments to cabinet positions tainted by corporate lobbyists.

  • A shipping heiress runs the Department of Transportation (MoscowMitch's wife!)
  • An oil lobbyist runs the Interior Department
  • A coal lobbyist runs the Environmental Protection Agency
  • A pharmaceutical executive runs the Department of Health and Human Services
  • An investment banker runs the Treasury Department
  • The Defense Department has been led by a who’s who of executives from the largest defense contractors.
  • Bill Barr ignores his duty to Americans to defend our laws to eliminate ACA on behalf of insurance and big pharma executives.

Trump and Republicans are selling America to highest bidders.

Corona Virus Incompetence and Lies. ( Nuff said )

Attacks on our elections. This remains ongoing some where...some how...with zero chance of success. It is well past the point of actually changing the outcome. It is now a matter of milking his gullible base for as much of their hard earned cash as he can as he exits stage left.

There IS NO ELECTION FRAUD says every single state and his own CISA !

Bill Barr. No fraud.

GA Governor. No Fraud

Trump's brain dead minions target GOP officials who refused to break the law to aid Trump's illegal attempts to overthrow democracy.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) commits possible felony to inject himself in the election in Georgia, asking about discarding mostly black ballots to throw election to Trump ( and other states? )


I will dedicate a separate section to the Trump Radical Base.


 [ more added soon. Check back and send friends and actual patriots ! ]