Hate and Domestic Terror

Domestic terror and their perpetrators are not new. They have been with America in some form since the earliest days of our existence on this continent. It is ironic that those who fled Europe early to escape domestic abuse heaped upon them over religious hate, brought their own version of hate to practice in the new world. The very first victims of the white invaders were the native residents followed closely by blacks imported by force as slaves.

A side note...religious suspicion and ignorance resulted in some horrific crimes against "witches" in the early years, classing the early Christians as a hate group in that regard.

Indeed we came to form our "More Perfect Union" because of hate in the old world, Europe. Hate has many faces.

Possibly one of the oldest is religious hate which is alive and well in America today.

Other targets of hate in no particular order are:

  • Ethnicity *
  • Skin Color *
  • Sexual Preference *
  • Country of Origin *
  • Language
  • Political affiliation *
  • Financial Status *
  • Geography
  • Education Level


Here in America we seem to have dedicated cults to each of these forms of hate. Some go so far as to claim religious justification! No teaching of any religion that I know of has hate as part of it's official doctrine so I take such claims as a co-opting of the claim of "christian values" as a morally bankrupt excuse for abhorrent behavior.

* Republicans and Trump in particular appear to harbor an affinity for a number of these targets.

Southern Poverty Law Center maintains a map of US Based hate groups. Most of not all of these claim to be patriots even as their entire goal is to deny rights to fellow Americans.

The group that fall into the category of "Evangelicals" are know to resort to terror in pursuit of their agenda. I would class them as a hate group as well.

Of most concern to the preservation of democracy and civil order and safety are such groups as ProudBoys, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, KKK, QAnon and their various offshoots. ( Some might make the argument that the GOP has become an official hate group as well. I'm not going there yet. )

These should also be considered domestic terror organizations.

Both domestic political forces and foreign adversaries seek to use and exploit these hate groups as a source of support and intimidation in pursuit of their power-hungry agendas.

Let's make a note here regarding ANTIFA. The movement called “antifa” gets its name from a short form of “anti-fascist,” which is about the only thing its members agree on. I guess since this writer is opposed to a fascist takeover of our nation I must be ANTIFA myself. ??

So what is ANTIFA? Snopes has some insight into this decentralized informal group of concerned people. Basically the ANTIFA philosophy is anti-hate group which seems to be why those who endorse hate, hate antifa!  Ironic right?

Who REFUSED to denounce a single hate group?  Trump

Add the information on this page to the Puzzles equation as you join me to build my argument that the current GOP with Trump are seeking to eliminate democracy in service to their wealthy donor class.