Examples of GOP Sedition

Voter Suppression. Everywhere, always.

In 2021 legislative sessions, Republican lawmakers in 28 states have pushed 106 bills to restrict voting access. (Guardian)

in Arizona Republicans introduced a bill to allow legislators to throw out every vote in state if they don't like the result.

Multiple failed court cases with zero evidence presented to support fraud allegations.

Sen Lindsay Graham tries to get GA Secretary of state to alter votes for Trump. Possible Felony  *

Trump asks Georgia secretary of state to 'find' votes during Saturday phone call, insists he won. *

Scheduled sedition by a number of congressional Republicans who plan to contest election results ONLY in state Trump lost but not in any states he won. January 6th US Senate and US House joint session.

A Pennsylvania lawyer who represented the Trump campaign in one of its early election challenges told a federal judge Thursday "the client has used the lawyer's services to perpetrate a crime" and is asking to withdraw from the case.

 * At this time the Fulton County Georga attorney is starting a formal criminal investigation into these criminal acts.