The Trump Revelations

Trump has done America a few inadvertent favors.

He has exposed some serious holes in our domestic security and some  shortsightedness in our Founding documents.

1. We must amend the constitution to eliminate the electoral college and go to a national popular vote.

a) Establish a national electoral board to receive and tally votes from each state and jurisdiction. This board shall have NO authority to alter any outcome.
b) Remove congress from the process unless it is purely ceremonial with no authority to contest the state's results.
c) Require minimum standards for security of voting systems used in any state for a federal election.

2. Amend constitution to move inauguration to January 1st and to place certain limits on outgoing presidential power between election and inauguration. Prohibit initiation of military action without direct approval of congress except in instance of an eminent attack by a foreign adversary.

3. Disband Capitol Police and authorize the Pentagon to establish Marine Corp protection of all members of Congress, the Supreme Court, the capitol, supreme court building and related offices and facilities and place command authority in the hands of each branch as relates to their own security.

4. Provide the establishment of an alternative body to substitute for the votes of cabinet members in the 25th Amendment which that amendment already authorizes Congress to do.

5. Amend the constitution to eliminate excessive money in politics.

a) Define "people" as individual living persons to exclude any artificial entity such as corporations, political organizations / PAC's.
b) Publicly financed elections with only personal donations permitted by persons who actually reside in the candidates state or district.
c) Prohibit corporate donations to candidates or outside groups funding on behalf of candidates.
d) To receive funds candidates sign contractual obligation to maintain factual campaigns or lose funding.

6. Increase penalties for sedition and insurrection with mandatory prison time.

7. Term limits.

a) Four terms for House members.
b) Two terms for Senate
c)  7 Years for federal Judges
d)  9 Years for Supreme court justice.

8. Amend pardon power. ( applies to pardon or clemency )

a) Presidents may not pardon themselves.
b) Vice president may not pardon president for any acts committed while in office.
c) No president may pardon any of his.her own appointees for any offense committed during their terms of office.
d) Preemptive pardons shall be prohibited.
e) Any pardon/clemency shall specify the crime(s) for which said pardon is issued.
f) Pardons shall not be available for acts of sedition, insurrection or treason.

9. Place Inspector Generals under the jurisdiction of the relevant congressional committees and require they report to them at the same time as they report to the heads of their respective agencies.

10. Assure that Congress has the full authority and ability to enforce its lawfully issued subpoenas and permit them to issue arrest warrants if such are disobeyed. May not be fired except for cause.

11. Review laws designed to enforce transparency or compliance and add criminal penalties where appropriate to assure compliance.

12. Presidential cabinet positions as confirmed by senate cannot be removed until a replacement is nominated for confirmation. (in cases of death, illness or resignation or serious crime, the president shall offer nomination to senate within 30 days.)