"Money is NOT the root of all evil, the insatiable hunger for power is. Money is but the tool used to achieve that power."

No no one's real suprise Trump had already confiscated the balls of Republicans in congress.

It is proof again America cannot trust the GOP to protect them from dangers foreign or domestic. This is sad because the greates danger to our democracy is domestic. The number of GOP senators you might be able to trust to protect us can be counted on 7 fingers.  You should thank them for their momentary courrage then ask why they remain with the Insurrection Party.


Richard Burr R-NC  @SenatorBurr
Bill Cassidy R-LA   @BillCassidy
Susan Collins R-ME  @SenSusanCollins
Lisa Murkowski R-AK  @lisamurkowski
Mitt Romney UT  @MittRomney
Ben Sasse R-NE  @SenSasse
Patrick Toomey R-PA   @SenToomey


All others are Trump's eunuchs.



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FBI seeking information on persons who attempted
insurrection at US Capitol. Here is link to their tip site.



  Article: "How far will Republicans go to destroy democracy? And can they still be stopped" --Salon

Book. Insurrection for Dummies.

We have always had enemies trying or at least wishing to see an end to Democracy and the American ideals. Our nation has always been the defender of free societies.

Today there is a new threat from inside.

It is not just one thing or one person. It is a movement being exploited by outside and inside forces to attack our country. The seeds of the internal threats have been here since the founding of our nation but previously they had little "official" sanction to act.

The source of threat include but are not limited to:

  • Russia (Oligarchy, Putin, very capable cyber and propaganda agencies, mediocre military threat. Nuclear weapons)
  • China (Communism, very capable cyber and propaganda agencies, capable military and nuclear.)
  • Very wealthy individuals at home (Would be oligarchs)
  • The Republican Party (in Service to the above. Power hungry, no moral restraints.)
  • Evangelism (A quasi-religion dedicated to right wing "values". Co-opted for political leverage)
  • Radical right wing cults (brainwashed cultist minions for all of the above. The radical rights "army")




I have provided some definitions of relevant terms here to aid in understanding the nature of the threats.

This site will always be a work in progress.